Ultraviolet Light for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is one of the skin disabilities when skin cells grow faster and leave dry and itchy patches. It usually infects certain areas of the body, i.e. the scalp, the nail plates.

Do you know? The UV (Ultraviolet) is one of the electromagnetic light from a solar spectrum. There are three kinds of UV that we have to know, they are UVA (Ultraviolet A), UVB (Ultraviolet B), and UVC (Ultraviolet C). But for the skin disabilities healing, we just need to know UVA and UVB.

One of the healing methods for psoriasis is light therapy. It is effective and chemical-free as well. Light therapy for the patient uses sun lamp for psoriasis that contains UV, either UVA or UVB. But people commonly use UVB, while if UVA the patient needs to consume the psoralen as well.

Let’s see a brief explanation about ultraviolet light for psoriasis, why, and how the ultraviolet therapy work?

Why use Ultraviolet for Psoriasis?

Based on the National Psoriasis Foundation, the nutrient and ultraviolet light for psoriasis are two great things. It will subside or even prevent the psoriasis patches, while the natural sunlight will help produce the nutrient and immunity to the body.

The research by The British Journal of Dermatology stated that the psoriasis patient has a low level of Vitamin D. So the ultraviolet therapy will help as well. 

How Ultraviolet Therapy Work?

You can get the ultraviolet by using a sun lamp for psoriasis. The hospital sun lamp unit for phototherapy usually works for whole body length. Then the patient will come to the units and get expose from either UVA or UVB. The unit is like a phone booth and you can stand in it, or like a tanning bed while you can lie down on it. The tools will note how much the ultraviolet you’ve got. While if you use the hand-held unit, you will only get exposed by a certain part of your body.

What’s Best for the Patient?

While usually, the doctor will recommend the patient to change their bad habits like smoking or drinking and get a more healthy lifestyle. The recommended food for the patient with psoriasis is milk or orange juice, margarine or yogurt, salmon, tuna, and egg yolk. While changing the lifestyle, consuming certain food and ultraviolet light for psoriasis aren’t the only ways for healing. Please consult with the medical services to get the proper medicine.

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