Uv Lamp for Eczema Side Effects

Uv lamp for eczema is effective to reduce skin rash and itching of eczema. Actually, there are some therapies that you can do but light therapy is called as the most effective one. When using light therapy to your skin, it will help to reduce the symptoms of eczema. Although people think that this therapy is great therapy for all of you who suffer with eczema, you better also know pros and cons of this therapy before you try to use this therapy too.

Types of UV Lamp Therapy

Uv lamp for eczema is divided into some types.  First type of uv lamp therapy is broadband UVB therapy. This therapy is done by using type B of ultraviolet light that can be used to treat skin problems for long time. When you choose this type of therapy, you need to do three times therapy per week and do for 30 treatments. Second, UVA lamp therapy is using ultraviolet type a light or sunlight. This type of therapy will give your different result. This therapy type is good for them who are very sensitive with light therapy. It can give more effective result when it is combined with psoralen therapy. Third type of therapy is narrowband UVB therapy. This type of lamp therapy is called as effective therapy since it gives fewer side effects.

Risk or Side Effects of UV Lamp Therapy

When you do this therapy, you need to know too about some side effects that may you get from this uva and uvb lighttherapy. Here are some side effects that you may get:

  • This therapy can cause sunburn and also blistering that may cause your skin may redden and itch.
  • Skin damage. When you do this therapy for long term, it can make your skin becomes freckled and wrinkled. You may find some brown spots too.
  • Skin cancer. People who do this uv lamp therapy will have bigger risk to get skin cancer than they who don’t. You don’t need to feel fear first because not all people who take this therapy will automatically get skin cancer. It will depend on some other factors too.

What to Do to Lower the Side Effects?

This uv light therapy is recommended by some doctors because it is effective therapy that can severe eczema in fast time but when you do this therapy, it is better for you to carefully controlled and you need to do proper precautions. You need to consult with dermatologist to see whether this uv lamp for eczema therapy is worked well or not.

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