UV Light for Psoriasis

Apart from taking some kind of medication light therapy for skin could also help in treating some symptom of psoriasis in some people. The light therapy works by lowering skin inflammation and slowing down the growth of the cell production. Doctors commonly suggest their patient to do light therapy when they have moderate to severe psoriasis, or to those who have been taking medication and doing treatment but that just don’t work on them. Hence, here in this article we are going to talk about uv light for psoriasis.

What Is Light Therapy for Psoriasis

Light therapy is a treatment that has anything to do with shining light or you could just call it UV light or ultraviolet light on the skin. This treatment will be able to decrease the itches, size, and appearance of the psoriasis. Sometimes, it could also clear them up wholly. It could really do ease the symptom of the psoriasis and most importantly it could improve the patient’s quality of life. Furthermore, the uv light for psoriasis works by slowing down the growth of the skin cell, that in return could decrease the plaque formation. Moreover, it could also restrict the growth of the skin cell by stirring the functioning DNA.

Is Light Therapy Effective

Well, actually by doing light therapy treatment some people are feeling great about it. Many of them claim that light therapy is effective to reduce and ease the symptom of psoriasis. There are approximately 75% of people that are using narrow-band ultraviolet B or UVB to treat their psoriasis. This light therapy is one of the most regular therapy that is used by psoriasis patient. They also said that after doing the treatment their skin got clearer. For remision periode, it will last around six months. Furthermore, there are a research displayed that UVB is the most effective light therapy to be used in treating the rarest form of psoriasis that is called acute guttate psoriasis. And the result is, many of the people are satisfied with this light therapy.

Side Effect of Light Therapy

Like many other treatments that work, there will be some downside too. So is with uv light for psoriasis. There are several possible side effects of doing light therapy. They are including mild sunburn. This one is not so serious because the possibility of the patient getting this side effect could be lessen with changing the UV dosage. There is a possibility of the patient will experience itchy and stinging sensation.  Sometimes it could increase the chance of cold sores. Sometimes the sign of aging premature skin with appear such as dark spot and loose of leathery skin. It is possible to blister the skin and the most dangerous is it could increase the risk of skin cancer.

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