UV Light for Skin

Many people think that being under the sunlight makes the skin become dark, sweaty and also when we work, we would feel tired faster. This kind of issue makes people didn’t want to expose under the sun. While some experts said it can get the skin cancer risk. People say that UV light broke the skin cells. Is that true?

Well, some research proves that the sun-exposed actually gives so many benefits, it is a natural Vitamin D source, while it is good for the growth of the skin cells and bones of course. but, you can only get beneficial by exposing at a certain time.

Let’s know what’s the benefit of UV light for skin below.

Subside skin disabilities

The UV light is good for any kind of skin disabilities, i.e. vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema and many more. Besides getting naturally from basking in the sun, people need a sun lamp for psoriasis or other kinds of skin conditions. The UV light will reduce the growth of the skin cells for psoriasis. All kinds of skin disabilities caused by germs and bacteria can be coped up only by exposing the UV light for skin. 

Glow your skin

The sunlight has the capacity to clean the vein in the human body. It can increase the blood circulation by widening the vein in the skin. While the blood capillary open, nutrient and oxygen will be carried more to the body, so the heart becomes healthier and reduces the blood pressure. If your body gets enough blood circulation, your skin wouldn’t look pale, and it will glow naturally.


I recommend you to enjoy the UV light expose at 9 a.m for 5-15 minutes, 2-3 times a week. While it has a bad side as well for the skin, i.e. wrinkle, the black spot in the skin if you expose yourself more than 10 a.m to 3 p.m. It can be a danger to the eyes as well, such as cataracts and broke the cornea and retina. While if you have the activity at that time, please use the sunscreen, hat and protection glasses. While if you want the ultraviolet light for healing the skin disabilities you’ve had, you have to consult more to the dermatologist.

That’s all the benefits of UV light for skin. I hope you can get yourself expose under the sun at the proper time and make sure it is not too excessive.

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