UV Therapy for Eczema Pros and Cons

The UV therapy for eczema refers to ultraviolet use for treating itching and skin rash that appears in eczema. This therapy exposes the infected skin with ultraviolet light and suppresses the overactive skin immune system cells that cause skin inflammation in eczema. However, the therapy does not come with downsides. Therefore, there are pros and cons from the therapy so you can decide whether you need the therapy or not when you are diagnosed with eczema. 

Pros of UV therapy 

The UV therapy for eczema is effective to treat moderate and severe eczema. Furthermore, when the therapy fully controlled and takes proper precautions. 

Side Effect Risk of UV therapy for eczema

The main effect of light therapy for eczema is that the therapy takes too much time for the therapy itself and trips to go to the doctor for several weeks. Although recently there are light therapy units that able to use as home therapy with a prescription, but most of the dermatologists still suggested to have treatment in a doctor’s office or clinic as the therapy able to control well. Besides, the other risks of ultraviolet therapy for eczema include:

  • Irritation and skin burning. Such as natural sunlight, artificial ultraviolet light is also able to cause blistering, red, sunburn and itchy sensation. 
  • Damage in the skin. Over time the therapy takes over and over, the skin tends to get wrinkles and freckles. The skin color usually will turn into the dark as same as look like a suntan and sometimes there are dark
  • Sometimes, medication from PUVA causes nausea and headache. 

Types of light therapy for eczema 

There are 3 main different light therapy used for treating eczema. 

  • Broadband UVB light therapy. The UVB means Ultraviolet B therapy light that have been used to treat skin conditions for years include uv light for vitiligo
  • Narrowband UVB light therapy. This is a type of light therapy that has been gradually replacing both of UVA light therapy and Broadband UVB therapy. It has a better effective result and also fewer side effects because no need medication to combine. 
  • UVA light therapy. The UVA means Ultraviolet A therapy light. UVA is also present in natural sunlight. To make the treatment more effective, it should take with other medication, for example, psoralen, the oral medication that takes an hour before the therapy taken. 

When deciding to use UV therapy for eczema treatment, it is best to talk with the doctor first to know the reaction from the treatment

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