UVA and UVB Light for Skin Treatment

The most common type of ultraviolet rays is UVA and UVB light. UV rays are the major cause of skin damage, even cause skin cancer. The exposure to UV light can control DNA in skin cells and creates bad causes. It also can cause the acceleration of skin aging which is the biggest enemy for women, especially wrinkles. The UV light is divided into three types, UVA, UVB, land UVC. Three of them have a different role in the skin and cause different effects. The shortest wavelength is UVC and the longest is UVA. Because of the difference in the wavelength, their coverage also varied. UVA can reach the deepest layer of the skin UVB only until the top layer of the skin, and UVC is just attacked by radiation. UVA and UVB lightboth can access the skin because they have a high frequency. UVC can’t cause skin cancer but UVB is the main factor of the disease. 

Ultraviolet A

UVA light is more into causing skin aging. It plays a minor role in skin cancer development. UVA is not captivated by the ozone layer and still able to access the deepest layer of the skin. It causes skin damage including darkness, redness, the formation of fine lines, age spots and wrinkles. It is why using a sunscreen every day, even while you are indoor, is important to minimize the exposure of UVA. 

Ultraviolet B

Not all the UVB can reach the earth because some rays are absorbed by the ozone layer. Unlike UVA, UVB is more into damaging the top layer of the skin because the wave is shorter and high in frequency. It is the major factor of skin cancer causes it to attack skin genes and the immune system. The radiation of this ultraviolet can delay tanning and causes sunburn. But it is still important in vitamin D3 synthesizing.

even though it gives a bad influence on the skin, UVA and UVB light help produce Vitamin D3. It also helps people to treat certain diseases such as ultraviolet light for psoriasisAs human beings, we need vitamin D for our bodies. Vitamin D is naturally produced by the body when it’s directly exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D plays some important roles such as regulating the calcium and phosphorus absorption and increasing the immune system. A sufficient amount of vitamin D can help develop teeth and bones, also the resistance against particular diseases. Besides that, vitamin D can reduce depression and regulating mood. It’s also a great contribution to those who want to prevent heart disease or to lose weight.

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