UVB lamp for vitiligo for home use

The UVB lamp for vitiligo is a type of lamp that emits the ultraviolet light spectrum with range wavelengths from 290-320 nanometers. Many people suffer from skin disease, include vitiligo use UVB lamp at their home treatment.

Is it safe to use a UVB lamp for vitiligo treatment at home? 

The UVB light does not have too many tanning effects such as compared with UVA lamps used in tanning beds. The small lamp used to treat limited areas in the skin. Just remember to limit the exposure time when using a UVB lamp for vitiligo. The lamp is also able to use as light therapy for eczema. 

Symptom of vitiligo 

The main symptom from vitiligo is the development of white patches in the skin. These white patches able to affect any area in the body, include eye areas and the size are varies start from small to large or follows specific patterns. 

  • Focal or segmental pattern: the white patches appear to tend as small and appear in one or a few areas. When the vitiligo develops in the segmental or focal pattern, it tends to stay in one area of the body. This can be continued for years or stop. The progress is also slower than the general vitiligo. 
  • General – nonsegmental vitiligo. This is vitiligo that the widespread from white patches are appearing symmetrically on both sides of the body. The general is the most common pattern of vitiligo and this can affect pigment cells anywhere of the body. This vitiligo often starts and stops over time.

Change your diet and living healthy with vitiligo 

If you diagnosed with vitiligo, then change your diet can help you to live better with vitiligo. Food restrictions are more important as this can help to control the spreads and faster healing to the vitiligo spots. It is best to add foods that enriched with vitamin D and B12. Here are lists of foods that recommended to vitiligo diets. 

  • Eat more: apples, bananas, leafy greens vegetables such as kale, chickpeas, figs, dates, root vegetables include carrots, beets, and radish. 
  • diet restrictions. This food list should be restricted as these foods are reported as negative reactions when eating by vitiligo patients. You may need to avoid citrus, blueberries, gooseberries, fruit juice, grapes, pickles, curds, alcohol, pears, pomegranates, red meats, tomatoes, products from wheat. 

Vitiligo is a condition that considered a lifelong condition. While it was unable to be cured, you can prevent it from worsening by avoiding triggers and consider healthy eating. You also can use a UVB lamp for vitiligo that can reduce your vitiligo spreads and develop. 

17.                       ultraviolet light therapy machine

The ultraviolet light therapy machine for skin autoimmune disease

The use of ultraviolet light therapy machine now is more reachable. For some people, the use of over counter and prescribed creams often not enough to keep their psoriasis in control. They still feel itchy, scaly and redness skin. For those people, use an ultraviolet light therapy machine can be an answer to try. 

Conditions treated with ultraviolet light therapy machine 

The ultraviolet light therapy is used for treating several skin conditions. The skin diseases that treated with this therapy include psoriasis, vitiligo, and light therapy for eczema

Do you need an ultraviolet light therapy machine? 

When you consider this therapy, you will know that there are varies types of ultraviolet light therapy offered. Here are the keys to help you determine which one that best to fit with your conditions. 

  • Get the professional. Ensure your safety when considering this therapy by talking with your doctor. There are certain people that not suitable to try this light therapy. This includes people that have cancer or lupus. 
  • Know well with the risks of treatment. The therapy itself has side effects of sore and red in your skin, leaves blister marks, or change the skin’s pigment. 

Choose the right treatment

Consider which best ultraviolet light therapy machine that works for you. 

  • UVB light therapy is the most common phototherapy. 
  • The other option is laser UVB that almost similar to narrow UVB but delivered via laser or excimer laser into areas on your affected skin. 
  • PUVA therapy. This is a light therapy that combines with a medicine called psoralen that taken with the therapy of PUVA therapy. 
  • Home light therapy. Many people also use light therapy at home as this is lower than the cost. You can buy the lamp as starts at a low $250 for more than $2000. 

Self- care tips when you diagnosed with vitiligo 

If you have been diagnosed with vitiligo, these several tips can help you with the care about the skin that affected with vitiligo and improves the appearance. 

  • Protect skin from direct sun and artificial UV light. Always use sunscreen cream with SPF at least 30. Protect skin from the sun will prevent sunburn and damage. 
  • Conceal the vitiligo affected skin areas. This can help to improve your confidence especially when the vitiligo appears in the exposed skin. 
  • Never get a tattoo. Tattooing your skin is not as an alternative for vitiligo. This will damage skin and can lead to new vitiligo patches in weeks. 

Considering the ultraviolet light therapy machine as an alternative treatment for your vitiligo can be a great idea. 

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