UVB Light for Psoriasis

Psoriasis could be effectively treated with the usage of appropriate skin care routine and medication that are prescribed for the patient. However, in some cases like moderate and severe psoriasis those things won’t be enough to treat the psoriasis. Then, the usage of light therapy for skin is then suggested and considered. However, there a lot of types of light therapy that could be done to psoriasis patients. Therefore, the patient should consult with their doctor to determine what kind of light therapy that suit their need best. One of the most common light therapy that is used by the patient is UVB light. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about uvb light for psoriasis.

UVB phototherapy

Many people with psoriasis often uses this UVB to treat their psoriasis because it is fairly effective to reduce and ease the symptom of their psoriasis. Just so you know, this kind of UVB light is also present in natural sunlight. This UVB light works with penetrating your skin and then restrict the growth of the skin cell that are affected by the psoriasis plague. The treatment of this UVB light is involving your skin in which will be exposed to the artificial UVB light source for a specific amount of time on a regular schedule. This treatment is usually in your doctor’s clinic or at home with phototherapy unit.

Types of UVB Treatment

There are two types of uvb light for psoriasis. They are narrow band UVB light therapy and broad band UVB light therapy. As its name suggests the narrow-band UVB light emits a smaller range of ultraviolet light compared to the broad band one.  Furthermore, narrow-band UVB light therapy has the possibility to clear the psoriasis faster and have longer remission period too. And most importantly, the narrow-band UVB light therapy only needs fewer treatments per week compared to the broad-band one. Furthermore, UVB light also offered in different ways, such as small unit of localize areas like hands, feet, and also scalp, or it could be hand-held unit as well as full-body. The bulbs that are used in UVB treatment are traditional UV lamps or LED lamps.

Home UVB Phototherapy

You could also do uvb light for psoriasis from your home. Not only it is convenient for you, but it also such an economical choice for you. Same as the phototherapy that is done in your doctor’s office, you will need a consistent treatment schedule. Primarily, the psoriasis patients are treated in the hospital, but at the times go by they start to do it at home. When you are doing home treatment phototherapy, then it is essential for you to follow all of the doctor’s orders and do regular check-up. Furthermore, all of the instruments for your home phototherapy treatments will be required some prescription from your doctor’s.  

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