Violet Light Therapy – Is This the Treatment You Need to Treat Your Skin Disorder Issues?

Have you ever considered using violet light therapy to treat your skin disorder like eczema or psoriasis? Using the latest innovation in technology to produce artificial ultraviolet light, this therapy is known effective to treat mild to severe symptoms of skin disorders. Not only that but people also find it quite convenient to use the therapy. Find out more about this UV light for face and other parts of your body with skin disorders in the following article.

How Does It Work?

Studies reveal that the number of people with eczema is quite high. Many topical treatments and oral medications available now do not help much with eczema or psoriasis symptoms. Ultraviolet light therapy or phototherapy is considered one of the most effective treatments to remove eczema today. The violet light used in the skin treatment itself can be traced back to more than two decades ago. Also being known with its other name, phototherapy, UV light treatment has a relatively minimum side effect to the users. 

Benefits of UV Light Therapy

The benefits of ultraviolet light therapy to treat skin disorders are based on the two types of this treatment. They are blue and red light violet light therapy. Each of the UV light types comes with a specific use. However, the benefits provided are different. They are based on the type of light therapy used.

  • Red Light Therapy

Aside from the effectiveness of red light therapy to treat various skin disorders, it can also help the users to improve self-healing. The UV light can also be used to lower the visibility of acne scarring. Not only that but red light therapy comes with anti-inflammatory capability.

  • Blue Light Therapy

This blue light therapy also has an antimicrobial effect for the users. In this way, the wavelength of blue light therapy can help you to kill some types of bacteria that can cause skin problems like acne. The therapy will also allow you to eliminate free radicals that cause aging on your skin.

How Much Does It Cost?

Most of the time, the cost of phototherapy will depend on the area where you live. The average cost of the therapy usually ranges from $40 to $60 session per week. However, you need to keep in mind that it is not the final cost you have to pay. This is because you will need to do violet light therapy two to three times per week. Additionally, you also need to prepare a budget to pay the physician’s violet light therapy services per visit.

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