Vitiligo and The Treatments

Vitiligo is a specific disease of Leucoderma. It is a dermatology disease when you have a white spot area on your skin. It happens because your skin stops in producing melanin as the pigment color for your skin, hair, and eyes color. There are some causes of Vitiligo and also there are some treatments to cure the skin that has Vitiligo. You can find Vitiligo causes and treatment below.

What Cause Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a condition when you have a white patch or spot on a certain part of the body. There are various causes of Vitiligo. The common cause is because of the decreasing of the body’s immune system or in the worse condition, it is usually called an autoimmune condition. Vitiligo can also be caused by heredity or genetic cause. Similar to Leucoderma, skin trauma also can be the cause of Vitiligo. The impact of sunburn, skin contact with some chemical, or thermal burn can leave Vitiligo. Along with the era and technology, we can find various Vitiligo causes and treatments. A different cause of Vitiligo might have a different type of treatment also.

Right Treatment for Vitiligo

The treatments for Vitiligo are almost similar with Leucoderma. When the first time when you want to have the treatment, you should identify the cause of the Vitiligo first to decide what treatment is the best to choose. One of the best treatments for Vitiligo is phototherapy using Narrow UVB treatment. This treatment is proven effective as the best treatment because this treatment only focuses on the area that has Vitiligo without affecting the healthy skin around. Another treatment is having medical treatment with a steroid cream to restore your skin color. That treatment also has a side effect. It can reduce your skin color but the effect cannot usually last, even it can spread the condition of Vitiligo to the healthy skin. Besides those 2 treatments, you can also try some home remedies to cure Vitiligo by make use of turmeric, ginger, and red clay.

We can avoid the outside effect that causes Vitiligo, but once we have it, we should be careful in choosing the right treatment for it. You can find out Vitiligo causes and treatment first before discussing with the dermatologist about the best treatment that you should have for your Vitiligo symptoms. The home remedies can be a good way to cure of Vitiligo, but it takes time to restore your skin tone and color get into the normal tone.

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