What to Do for Psoriasis

Have you heard about psoriasis? It is one of the skin abnormalities and autoimmune diseases. The condition of the skin abnormalities is that it will make skin cells grow faster and leaves dry and skin to peel. While the patient of this disease will have an uncomfortable living because of the itching in a certain body. What worse is this kind of disease can attack wherever part of the skin, including the scalp and the nail plates.

It may be not one of the infected diseases or one of the dangerous diseases you’ve ever known. But to have your activity troubled by the unbearable itch is not a great way to have a comfortable life.

Now, may you have this what to do for psoriasis question. Let’s find the answer.

What should do and shouldn’t do

First, we need to make sure to treat it well in case this is getting worse and spread to all the part of the body. Avoid rubbing or scratching to the infected area because it will make it worse even the infected area will get wider. 

When you want to treat it make sure you consult it with the doctor. The oily and irritating materials will widen the area as well. While some anti-histamine that contains steroid-oral may subsiding for a while but when you stop consuming it, it will spread widely.

Avoid the stress-living environment. One of the factors that will make a disease worse is the psychological condition of the patient as well as psoriasis. A stress-free living environment is really recommended for treating the patient.

Thus, the doctor usually will recommend the patient to change for a better and healthy lifestyle, consuming much nutrition and avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. Those are the important issues we have to know about what to do for psoriasis.

Healing method

While the healing method for psoriasis beside the ointment, oral drugs, and injection is light therapy. It is a procedure when the skin is exposed to UV light. Some light therapy coming from natural sunlight UV, or even sun lamp for psoriasis (the artificial light) UVB phototherapy, Goeckerman therapy (UVB + coal tar), Excimer laser, Photochemotherapy (Psoralen + UVA), or pulsed dye laser (laser with organic coloring)


That’s all the information to get the answer from what to do for psoriasis. If you or maybe someone you know have this kind of symptoms, just go to the doctor to get the proper diagnosis. Then you have to consult for better treatment and knowledge about the level you have of the disease.

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